Nebraska weather and a warm welcome in Salina, Kansas

Let me tell you, I thought we were ready for Midwest weather.. NO ONE is ever ready for Midwest summer weather.. Rain from several directions,  sheets of rain, thunder, lightning, tornadoes..  and a leaking RV roof.. not the fun part of our travels..  When one asks for adventures.. ONE must be more specific.. We limped damp and weary into Salina, Kansas after being washed literally out of Nebraska.. Melia Clark aka SpazM FaithFerret to the Facebook Ferret community gave us the warmest welcome, helped find an RV repair shop that could take us in asap and repair our roof, then … Continue reading

Montana — Big Sky, Family, and ferrets

 Welcome to BIG sky Country .. Montana is beautiful and larger than life..  The folks that live there are the same.. We had three major stops while in in Montana.. First stop.. Trout Creek.. Family.. I am so glad we took time to visit my Cousins and Uncle while we were in Montana.. I have always felt close to them yet.. never as close as were  were able to become during this visit.. Good times and family fun..      A great time in  Bozeman.. a tour of the  Museum of the Rockies Dinosaurs, Geckos and dinner with ferret friends.. Montana doesn’t … Continue reading

Spokane, Washington Katt’s Clubhouse

As we headed East in May we made a brief stop in Spokane to visit a relatively new rescue operation.. Sammy’s Clubhouse in Spokane, Washington. I have always believed you should learn something from every experience and you should also try to share these lessons with others when possible. Sammy’s Clubhouse was founded by Katt to save animals.. The shelter is run out of their small home and she is trying her best to accommodate any animal that “needs” her. Many rescues begin this way. Some close quickly due to burnout or financial ruin.. Some are able to use an objective eye and … Continue reading

Oregon Ferret Shelter – just stopping in to say “hello”


Oregon Ferret Shelter – Oregon City, Oregon  Chris and Dave Mathis and family—our second shelter stop. We are still getting the feel of the road and easing our way into a routine. We couldn’t pass through the Portland, Oregon area without at least a short visit with these amazing people. I had the pleasure to meet Chris and Dave several years ago when I was in Portland attending an International Ferret Congress symposium. I had such a good time and learned so much at that event.  Oregon Ferret shelter hosted a dinner for attendees and I fondly remembered the fun, … Continue reading

Lane Area Ferret Rescue in Eugene, Oregon First mini-break from Rescuer’s Relief, Inc.


Lane Area Ferret Rescue  Eugene, Oregon — email for more info Lane Area Ferret Shelter and Rescue is a no-kill shelter providing temporary housing, care, and rehoming services for stray, abandoned, or otherwise unwanted ferrets. Melanee Ellis first fell in love with ferrets when looking for comfort following the loss of her mother while living in Alaska. What started as a simple purchase of a single pet, soon became a life long passion dedicated to the care and love of these remarkable companion animals. Melanee and her husband spent a number of years in Alaska forming a fellowship of  ferret … Continue reading

A visit with a Ferret Friend in Brookings, Oregon

April 27th & 28th  2014 Being involved with the ferret community over the years has provided such a marvelous opportunity for me to make really amazing friends all over the world. Through the internet I have been able to connect and converse with so very many people each with such amazingly diverse lives. We all have one thing in common. We have been transformed by loving and caring for ferrets. Just such a friend I have made in Brookings, Oregon. Carol Owens and I have “known” each other for years now. Shared happiness, sorrow, laughter, and the magic of ferrets… … Continue reading

First stop Oregon 2014 —

First stop Klamath Falls, Oregon.. traveling with ferrets is adventure enough without the worry of border crossings into the dreaded no ferret zone.. Don and I decided to forgo any sightseeing in the Golden State in exchange for peace of mind.. we made dash for the Oregon Border April 27th, 2014         We stopped in older but clean RV park    in Klamath Falls for our first night on the road.. Upon check in the attendant asked about the “Rescuer’s Relief” on our business debit card. Welcoming the interest, I explained our mission.  Connecting to ferret owners while traveling … Continue reading

Unsettled – early in the Adventure

The Adventure is a distraction.. but a good one … please forgive me for being behind on blog posts– playing catch up today.. enjoy and feel free to comment A life time of existing does not equal a moment of living. We have been living in the RV for a couple weeks prior to our departure.  Our family pets have begun thinking the RV was just a new section of the house and are handled the change surprisingly well. We humans appear to be having a more difficult time breaking old habits.  We were worried about stressing them but it … Continue reading

And so it begins… April 27th, 2014

A life time of existing does not equal a moment of living 19 months ago stress was winning the battle. Emotionally, physically and spiritually I was broken. 12 months ago I hatched a plan, took a risk and here we are. Odometer reading 29413 …leaving Fallon, NV Today, April 27th, 2014 my amazing husband and I have loaded up the refurbished motor home with supplies, memories, dogs and ferrets and are setting off to make a dream into a reality. Nervous doesn’t begin to cover the emotions we are going through. Early Sunday morning with no sleep , a loaoing … Continue reading

We have joined Harvest Hosts

      I am so glad we heard about Harvest Hosts “Harvest Hosts’ goal is to provide new experiences for RVers.  You will meet fascinating people, visit interesting locales and have the opportunity to purchase locally grown farm fresh products.  At the end of the day you’ll have a unique and special location to spend the night for no overnight fee.  There are no black-out dates and no limits or restrictions on the number of Hosts you can visit. You’ll enjoy wine tastings, farm tours,  museums or picking your own produce.  You’ll enjoy knowing that you supported the local economy, and at … Continue reading