We have joined Harvest Hosts

      I am so glad we heard about Harvest Hosts https://www.facebook.com/HarvestHosts “Harvest Hosts’ goal is to provide new experiences for RVers.  You will meet fascinating people, visit interesting locales and have the opportunity to purchase locally grown farm fresh products.  At the end of the day you’ll have a unique and special location to spend the night for no overnight fee.  There are no black-out dates and no limits or restrictions on the number of Hosts you can visit. You’ll enjoy wine tastings, farm tours,  museums or picking your own produce.  You’ll enjoy knowing that you supported the local economy, and at … Continue reading

Interview with Pet World Insider Radio


On 2/26/14 I was very please to receive a message on our twitter account asking us to contact Pet World Insider as they were interested in interviewing me  about Rescuer’s Relief on the radio. Things move fast these days; a few minutes after 9 am this morning our first radio interview was held. I must say I was nervous at first– but, as usual, get me talking about ferrets or rescuing and I will forget my discomfort. The interview went well and we were asked to keep Pet World Insider updated often as we travel the country.. Not sure when … Continue reading

Obstacles in the road.


2/6/14 The  last few weeks have been full ups, downs and several rock bottom moments. During one of these rock bottom pits of despair I turned to a dear friend via text. I poured my heart out. I told her of the frustrations with few sponsors, refinancing of our home, wiping out our savings and retirements plus more unexpected repairs to the RV. Here I was texting with tears flowing.. telling her about trying to juggle work, doctor appointments, needing to find new health insurance, all while setting up a new business, run fundraisers, and dream of getting some schoolwork … Continue reading

Re-homing the family Zoo

Today we started the heartbreaking process of downsizing the family zoo. Jane has been with us since my daughter was still in high school. Traveling with pets is possible, though not without it’s risks. Most cats would never enjoy even a short trip and it would take major miracle to get any older house cat to adapt to over a year on the road, not to mention trying it with our 7 house cats. We would be devastated if one got out along the way, got hurt or lost…. Logic says we need to find some of them good loving … Continue reading

78 days and counting

Crunch time: Counting down to the day we quit. I will be quitting a great paying, yet miserable job and my husband will be quitting a low paying but meaningful and stressful job to risk our savings, our sanity and even our retirement funds. No, we didn’t just walk into the boss’s offices and say we quit. My husband and I have prepared for months. During this time I spent every waking moment and often times I should have been sleeping trying to find sponsors, supporters, and financial backers. This last week it began to appear hopeless, A grant we thought was … Continue reading

Countdown has started— 3,2,1


  Time to get serious… 113 days until we have scheduled our departure. Progress has been slow, but even these baby steps are forward momentum. To bring everyone up to speed.. Here is a recap: Purchased a 1995 31′ Seabreeze RV Set our goal of being on the road assisting ferret rescues late April 2014 Announced our intentions and set up facebook pages Incorporated and elected a Board of Directors Started fundraising Purchased domains and started website/blog Began upgrades and repairs to RV Applied for Federal 501(c)(3) non-profit status Had brochures and business cards printed Began the process of selling … Continue reading

Meet Our RV!

2013071695102433-1 (1)

Meet our RV! Welcome aboard… this is our 1995 31 ft National Sea Breeze.. low mileage despite it’s years.. needed a bit of work (mostly from sitting) and we dream of a flashy new paint job.. but it HOME..  I’ll post more picture as we go.